Total Tokens   9999
Daily  Mint     5-10
Price range    0.0​​​​​​​09 - 0.9 ETH
Blockchain     Polygon
Supply          1​​​​​​​

I LOVE YOU PROJECT is one of the PROJECT of Studio NFT 651.
In this collection, 1999 unique heart designs and symbols of love and affection have been designed.
Stamps become more valuable and collectible over time due to their limited number of prints, and many collectors around the world have a collection of rare and special stamps. Many people around the world are still interested in collecting stamps.
There are different types of stamps, and in this project, inspired by the stamp and the philosophy of its creation, we have designed a set of virtual stamps with symbolic credit in the form of a heart, which is a symbol of love and affection.

Each of the NFTs in this collection will be registered on our site after purchase and you will be awarded a credit and an Reward that you can use in the main project of Studio 651 .  ​​​​​​​

Total Tokens1999
Daily release5-10
Price range0.0651 ETH

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